Fact is.... Tough Times Always Bring A Pivotal Shift In People’s Finances. The
Direction Of That Shift Is In YOUR Hands. It Can Be For The Worse Or For The
Better. You Decide.

Our Advice Is... Start Early. Start Now. If You Choose A Shift For The Better, We Are
Here To Support You. This Crisis Is Different But Not New To Us. Don’t Give Up On
Your Goals. You Are Not Alone. Log-in And Study:

We are a premiere real estate education company that teaches people how to efficiently invest in real estate based on interest rate spreads. Over the last three decades, I have perfected the processes of wrap mortgages, subject-to investing, flipping short sales, flipping probate deals, structuring options and lease options, and other proprietary niche strategies. My perfected strategies are the foundation for the training that we provide and we are excited to teach you how to utilize these.

By enrolling with us, you will learn how to invest in “pretty” houses, without managing tenants or working on fixer-uppers. Starting real estate investors will learn how to grow their portfolio without risking their cash or credit for downpayments and veteran real estate investors will appreciate the scalability of our strategies for this same reason.

Making my first real estate investment in the 1990s changed my life for the better, and I am passionate about teaching others how to do so too. I pride myself on being a real estate investor first and there is a lot that I will share with you, backed by my experience. We appreciate your interest in our system and hope that my strategies can help you accomplish your REI goals too.

To your continued Success,
Marko Rubel