Fact is.... Tough Times Always Bring A Pivotal Shift In People’s Finances. The
Direction Of That Shift Is In YOUR Hands. It Can Be For The Worse Or For The
Better. You Decide.

Our Advice Is... Start Early. Start Now. If You Choose A Shift For The Better, We Are
Here To Support You. This Crisis Is Different But Not New To Us. Don’t Give Up On
Your Goals. You Are Not Alone. Log-in And Study:

Our teaching focuses on "intelligent" Real Estate investing where we show you how to profit and create massive cash flow based on the interest rate spreads, not on dealing with tenants. If you want to make money investing in real estate you need to realize that the old way is not effective anymore and you need to be willing to learn and apply new methods. Therefore, you will be exposed and able to learn how to get all the benefits of owning an investment property without being a landlord and how to never deal with tenants. We have figured out ways to profit from Real Estate without using your credit or money by using wrap mortgages concepts, subject to investing, flipping short sales, flipping probate deals, structuring options and lease options, and other proprietary niche strategies that do not require a lot of time to do. You will learn how to profit from “pretty” houses, and never deal with fixer uppers. Fixing up houses could be a profitable strategy, but it takes a lot of time and it involves risk, so we will show you a better, easier and much more profitable way. Investing in foreclosure real estate is very profitable, and besides Short Sales, you will learn other profitable strategies to buy foreclosures. You will learn how to discount notes and reinstate loans when investing in foreclosures and foreclosed real estate. We will not focus on buying REOs since that is an amateur and risky way to make money. A lot of our focus will be on selling houses too! How to buy an investment property and then sell quickly for top profit within the shortest possible time is the key to getting rich in real estate. There’s a lot we will share with you to help you create enormous wealth in this economy, however let us warn you… if you are looking for a formula where you can flip houses over the Internet and never get out of your pajamas, you will be disappointed. Sorry, we don’t teach hype. We pride ourselves on being real estate investors first, and then teachers, unlike most of the information marketers out there. You will realize that making money in real estate becomes easy once you understand the practical aspects of it, and not just the theory. If you have committed to YOURSELF to achieve better life, we are ready to assist you! I’m looking forward to helping you make the next 12 months your BEST months ever. I’m sure you are as well.

To your continued Success,
Marko Rubel